Week of November 13th

Margarette Bryson


Election Poll Worker
Riverdale, GA

She is my neighbor, but we are like family. Margarette retired from AT&T in 2007. She began volunteering for Meals on Wheels and for Clayton County as a Election Poll Worker. About eight years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through all that comes with it. She has been cancer free for over 5 years now. Margarette has never stopped volunteering except for the times when she was recovering from surgery. She is 70 years old and a cancer survivor which puts her doubly in the high risk category for being susceptible to contract the Coronavirus. But, in every election over the past 13 years she has been there working at every one. And she would always call me to make sure that I didn’t forget to vote. When my son turned eighteen she made sure that he had everything done in order to vote for the first time. Margarette is still doing a good work for the Kingdom and that is why she is my Hometown Hero.”


Week of November 6th

Carla Pacheco


Middle School Principal/Bilingual Director
Las Vegas, NM

In a challenging role as Principal of middle school students and the Bilingual Director for the district, Carla Pacheco is a leader that embraces and celebrates her students and teachers. She is a visionary that sees successes and in all students and teachers and will roll up her sleeves and work alongside staff and students to create a school culture that is positive, caring, and supportive. Her leadership abilities enable her to gain a rapport with students and staff that creates self-confidence in students and staff. She is fair, firm, and consistent and takes the time to listen to the concerns of others. She demonstrates the ability to be a bridge-builder between staff, students, parents, and the community. She is a problem solver with a quick smile, laugh, and wit. If something she can do promotes a love for learning she is willing to be super silly, funny, and enthusiastic. Carla is always the first one at work and the last to leave. Las Vegas City Schools is blessed to have such an awesome leader that is such a dedicated educator. Even in this pandemic, Carla’s work ethic is unyielding. She chooses to work from school every day where she can be more accessible to the learning community when she could choose to work from home. She has taught herself the ins and outs of distance learning so that she can help others. If she doesn’t know something she will find out a solution or answer and always communicate with those in need. I could go on and on because Carla Pacheco is the true example of a hometown hero.


Week of October 30th

Holli Morgan


Atlanta, GA

Throughout this pandemic, an 11-year-old girl named Holli used her talents of sewing to make masks for essential workers. Her original goal was 250 masks for healthcare workers. When she exceeded that goal she wanted to continue to help do her part. Holli proceeded to commit to making 1200 mask for homeless individuals. To date, she has made 947 masks. In between virtual learning, she continues to sew to meet her goals and give back to her community. You can find her story on Good Morning America, Oxygen, and all Atlanta-based news stations.


Week of October 23rd

Douglas Bond


Postal Services/Mail Carrier
Atlanta, GA

MY MAIL PERSON IS SO RELIABLE HE DELIVERS ON TIME AND WITH A SMILE! When it comes to a hero, he deserves the honor. Mr. Bond never seems upset, he always has a friendly smile and encouraging word for us, (seniors). He is like family, asking about how your family is doing. Since the pandemic, he has not missed a beat delivering our mail on time and with such professionalism. THANK YOU FOR HONORING Mail Carrier Douglas Bond, he deserves the honor!




Week of October 16th

Lane Harper

Police Officer
Birmingham, AL


Lane Harper is the multi-faceted Executive Director of the Power of Life Foundation, a 501c3 organization. He is a Humanitarian. He attended Alabama State University majoring in Criminal Justice. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, a member of the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executives, a Black Belt in Karate, a Self-Defense Instructor, a Security Consultant, and an actor.


After years of funding his own acts of service, Harper created The Power of Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to expand his mission to provide basic human needs to people who are in need nationwide. The Power of Life Foundation services those in need of help with housing, food, clothing/shoes, disaster relief and youth development.


Since the pandemic began, the Foundation’s mission has been amended to include to a new life saving initiative, “It’s COOL to be Covered.” This initiative hosts Drive Thru Free Face Mask & Food Giveaway events aimed at encouraging the youth and the public to wear face masks while in public, to help reduce the spread of the virus in their surrounding community and helping the underserved population with food insufficiency. The Foundation has hosted seven drive-thru distribution events giving away more than 60,000 free reusable cloth face masks and over 50000 pounds of food.


Harper also goes the extra mile in helping citizens in need throughout the City of Birmingham. He has been recognized by WBRC Fox 6, NBC 13, ABC 33/40, CBS 42 and several others for his acts of kindness and support in the community. He did an interview with WBRC Fox 6 News for safety and defensive tactics during the holidays. In November 2019, Lane Harper received the Wettermark Keith First Responder Hero Award. In 2020, he received a COVID-19 Hero Award from the Birmingham Times, a Civic Leader Award from Wilkerson Middle School, and the Hometown Hero Award from 98.7 Kiss FM and Mountain Dew.


He has been serving in the Criminal Justice system since 2000. He blends a wealth of field police experience, academy instruction, and behavioral management education into his courses.


He has instructed and trained hundreds of new police recruits and regularly provides verbal de-escalation and Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) in-service training for departmental personnel, including instructors.


Previously he served as the First Staff Sergeant and Drill Instructor for the S.T.A.R. (Student Transition and Recovery Program) with the Birmingham School System alternative program.


Lane Harper teaches security firms and detail teams self-defense tactics. He also has taught martial arts to several municipalities in San Juan, PR, Florida, Texas, and Connecticut. Moreover, he has had the opportunity to instruct the police officers at the prestigious Yale University.


As an actor Harper portrays Medgar Evers in the Broadway Play and the Movie, “Justice on Trial,” now available on Amazon Prime.



Week of October 9th

Antonio Vickerie


Sanitation Worker
Atlanta, GA

Throughout this entire pandemic, he has been required to work or be on call. Checking generators and pumps and repairing them as needed, ensuring that the runoff, sewage and drain water continues to flow. It is such an imperative function that we take for granted. Without people like Antonio working every day this pandemic would be totally unbearable. I could not imagine what it would be like if the drains in our home did not drain. Or if the streets were backed up with sewage. Thank you to Antonio and everyone that works in the under-recognized positions. You are needed and you are appreciated.




Week of October 4th

Alphonso Anderson

Alphonso Anderson Copy

Marta Bus Driver
Atlanta, GA

They have had to work throughout this pandemic without hazardous pay, more than 100 drivers being diagnosed with COVID-19, all the while grieving the loss of his mother six weeks ago.





Week of September 27th

Chante Meadows

Chante Meadows

Social Worker
Columbus, OH

Chante Meadows has made tackling mental health stigma and the promotion of mental health understanding a priority during the pandemic. Chante, as owner of Meadows Counseling Group, quickly pivoted her practice to meet the needs of clients through virtual outreach so their personal heath remained stabilized during this great uncertainty. Chante is also a full time community lecturer at The Ohio State University where she helps to educate new professionals in her field on issues of diversity and care for the whole person. Chante continues to provide numerous trainings and insights around the topics of mental health including a Tedx talk entitled “Changing the View of Mental Health in Our Community”. For her efforts, Chante was recognized as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Ohio Chapter 2019 Social Worker of the Year.


Week of September 20th

Tiffany Williams Roberts

Tiffany Williams Roberts

Community Leader/Volunteer
Atlanta, GA

Tiffany has served as a mentor, professor, and leader within the community of Atlanta for as long as I can remember. She has practiced law, organized bailouts, social justice events and protest within the city of Atlanta and beyond; and is a proud member of The Movement for Black Lives. She has truly dedicated her day to day life to helping those impacted by the social justice system regardless the color of their skin, religious background, or gender. She truly believes that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and the amount of lives she has impacted throughout the country truly makes her a #HometownHero



Week of September 13th

David Tuckman

David Tuckman

Community Leader/Volunteer
Los Angeles, CA

David has devoted countless hours as Captain of a Red Cross Disaster Action Team( DAT) that responds to residential home and apartment fires providing emergency lodging, financial assistance, leading responders on-scene on his nights off work. He served as Shelter Supervisor for 3 California Wildfires, Canteen Lead on-site for Newhall Pass Tunnel Explosion & Metrolink Train Derailment, Casework Team for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Operation (DRO) (4 weeks) & Hurricane Rita (3 weeks) and 2017 Louisiana Floods DRO Casework Team, 2018 California Floods Shelter Supervisor in Sun Valley, CA., 2019 DAT Supervisor on the Bug Bomb Explosion Response & Getty Fire Shelter Supervisor. In addition, he is a Red Cross Youth District Youth Advisor mentoring youth and as a Youth First Aid Team Supervisor where he ensures youth age 16-18 are trained in Emergency Medical Response, CPR for Professional Rescue and youth age 17 to become Emergency Medical Responders and he supervises them on Red Cross First Aid Teams. In addition to DAT Captain during COVID-19 he has become a Public Affairs Officer and Public Information Officer and provided more than 370 hours worked as Red Cross Media Hotline Officer. David was recently at work with the US Department of Homeland Security as an Immigration Services Officer when he was rushed by ambulance during work when a virus entered his Pericardium outer lining of the heart and he could not breathe. He was in recovery for close to 2 weeks. We’re amazed he recovered so fast. Thanks to amazing doctors he is back with us. We want him to take it easy and take a break from volunteering during COVID-19. We already had a big scare with David. He’s supposed to rest and take it easy but, he feels such a strong dedication to help his community during COVID-19 that he is going back to Red Cross and next week he will be back as a Public Information Officer with Disaster Public Affairs and next month after he’s medically cleared, back on duty as Captain of a Disaster Team. He is my hero and I would like him to be recognized for all he does to help people.



Week of September 6th

Briana Coakley

Briana Coakley

Social Worker
Chattanooga, TN

Briana Coakley recently graduated with her Master’s degree in Social Work and immediately was hired in her current position.  Shortly after starting that job the pandemic hit.  It was not respective of who it affected and those working in the medical field still had to press forward.  Briana had to continue her visits with patients already suffering from mental, social and/or physical ailments.  COVID 19 added an additional stress to those patients.  She did so without complaint or hesitation.  I salute Briana as well as the countless others who were selfless during this time.


Week of August 30th

Joshua Reid

Joshua Reid

Atlanta, GA

“Josh is truly a light that shines bright throughout the community. In our community you never hear young/older teens display interest in being a firefighter or police officer. Josh is showing the youth that you can come from where we come from, be perceived as “cool”, and still want to be these things. We’ve experienced a lot of tragedy on south side over the past few years and knowing that one of our very own is on the direct front line to help make a change and impact lives speaks volumes and touches us all very dearly. I can speak on behalf of the entire community and say that we are extremely proud of Josh for all he has done so far. He truly is one of our hometown heroes!”




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