The Champion’s Circle jacket is given annually to one person and that person gets to join the elite fraternity and be forever known as Celebration Bowl winner. The jacket means something. It highlights you forever, not just as an outstanding coach, it marks you in the history of HBCU football as National Champion. It is a badge to wear that signifies that this coach, in this year, on the biggest stage, is the very best.


CCHOF Rod BroadwayRoderick “Rod” Broadway

North Carolina A&T

2015; 2017









CCHOF Broderick FobbsBroderick Fobbs











StanjohnsonTrei Oliver

North Carolina Central










CCHOF Buddy PoughOliver “Buddy” Pough

South Carolina State










CCHOF Sam WashingtonSamuel Lee “Sam” Washington

North Carolina A&T

2018; 2019









Willie SimmonsWillie Simmons

Florida A&M University